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Denarau, Fiji

Denarau, Fiji is the island that doesn't feel like an island.

There's no boat ride necessary to get to the home of the largest resort in the South Pacific. Attached to the mainland by a short causeway, Denarau is the place to be pampered. It is less than 10km from Nadi International Airport and boasts stunning beaches, large hotels, sparkling swimming pools, shopping, world-class cuisine and an 18-hole championship golf course. Luxury suites, sparkling swimming pools, world-class cuisine, shopping and adventure options - Denarau has it all.

Important information when visiting Fiji:


There is a 24-hour currency exchange service at the arrival's concourse at Nadi Airport. ATMs are located around the country and at larger resorts and hotels.


Fiji has three-pin power outlets, which are identical to Australia and New Zealand.


Tips are not encouraged but you may offer them for outstanding service.


When away from your hotel or resort, it is important to dress modestly especially when visiting small villages. Be vigilant when visiting Fijian villages and avoid wearing a hat as it is considered an insult to the village chief. It is also insulting to touch someones head and avoid wearing shoes if visiting someone's house.

When visiting a local village, it is a custom to present a gift (inexpensive) to the head of the village.


Tap water is generally safe to be consumed, however if you have health issues, bottled water is available to purchase.


Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Rabies and Influenza are a moderate risk for most travellers. Vaccinations are recommended, however, consult your GP about what vaccinations you may need prior to your trip.


13-16 August 2023
The Denarau Convention Center, Fiji

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