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There will be over nine (9) hours of educational programming each day. The full education and professionally developed program is focused on all facets of ENT surgery with the objective of providing the best possible outcomes for patients.

A typical forum program day will start with breakfast sessions followed by keynote presentations, panel sessions, free paper presentations, case studies and cutting-edge technique presentations and interactive workshops each day.

Please note: Flights from Australia and New Zealand arrive in Fiji mid/late afternoon. Accordingly you need to make travel and accommodation bookings for the day before the opening of the conference.

RACS CPD Program

This educational activity has been approved in the RACS CPD Program.

RACS Fellows, Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) and surgeons participating in the RACS CPD Program can claim one point per hour in Educational Activities.

Participation in this activity will be entered into your RACS CPD which can be accessed through ehub.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Full Program

Monday 14th August, 2023



8:00am - 10:00am

Opening Session | Plenary 1

Moderator: Murali Mahadevan
Room: Denarau Island Convention Centre

Convenors Welcome
Shyan Vijayasekaran (10 mins)

Welcome to Country and Overview of ENT in Fiji
Fane Lord (20 mins)

Keynote Speaker - Current Adenotonsillectomy Guidelines
Stacey Ishman (30 mins)

Keynote Speaker - Head and Neck Cancer Management in the Resource Limited Setting
Iain Nixon (30 mins)

Supported by

Keynote Speaker - Biologicals, Trials and Real-Life Experience
Wytske Fokkens (30 mins)

10:00am - 10:30am

Morning Tea and Exhibition

10:30am - 12:30pm

Plenary Session 2

Moderator: Alkis Psaltis
Room: Denarau Island Convention Centre

Keynote Speaker - OSA and Healthcare Disparities in Wisconsin
Tucker Woodson (30 mins)

Supported by

Keynote Speaker - Swimming Upstream: The Search for Novel Epithelial Drivers of Inflammation in Chronic Rhinosinusitis
Benjamin Bleier (30 mins)

Keynote Speaker - Vascular Anomalies - Begin with the End in Mind
Gresham Richter (30 mins)

Keynote Speaker - A Regional Strategy for ORL
Kiki Maoate (30 mins)

Supported by

12:30pm - 1:30pm

Lunch and Exhibition

1:30pm - 3:00pm

Concurrent Session 1

Adult Sleep

Moderator: Rachelle Love
Room: Denarau Island Convention Centre

Where Should We Put Our Resources in Developing Sleep Surgery
Stuart Mackay (15 mins)

The Sleep Physicians Perspective of The Evolving Role of The Sleep Study
Michael Hlavac (15 mins) - Virtual

Surgery in a Limited Healthcare Environment
Sumit Samant (15 mins)

The Surgeon's Perspective of The Evolving Role of The Sleep Study
Samuel Greig (15 mins)

The Use of Bispectral Index (BIS) Monitoring During Sleep Endoscopy
Karuna Dewan (5 mins)

Panel Presentation (25 mins)

Stuart Mackay
Michael Hlavac
Tucker Woodson
Sumit Samant
Samuel Greig

Concurrent Session 2

Allergy and Non-Invasive Therapies

Moderator: Chris Dhepnorrarat
Room: Gardenia Ballroom

Sublingual Immunotherapy/Allergic Rhinitis
Sandra Lin (10 mins)

Non-Allergic Rhinitis
Simon Carney (10 mins)

Maxitrol® as an Antibiofilm Agent Against Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Sam Hale (7 mins)

The Chronic Rhinosinusitis Bacterial Community: An Updated Meta-Analysis
Tary Yin (7 mins)

Choice of Antigens in a Multi-Sensitized Patient Plus Tips and Tricks on the Management of Side Effects in the Initiation Phase of Immunotherapy
Jessica Tattersall (10 mins)

Panel Presentation (45 mins)
Immunotherapy and Biologics – Who, When and Why?

Moderator: Sandra Lin
Wytske Fokkens
Jessica Tattersall
Richard Harvey
Dana Crosby
Benjamin Bleier

Concurrent Session 3

Paediatric Otology

Moderator: Jennifer Lee and Colin Brown
Room: Orchid Ballroom

Genetic Testing for Paediatric Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Karen Liddle (15 mins)

Screening for Congenital CMV Infection
Valerie Sung (15 mins)

OSIA Implants in Syndromic Children
Andrew Chang (10 mins)

Pearls and Pitfalls for Microtia Reconstruction
Tania Kraai (10 mins)

CLiKX - A Novel Automated Robotic Handheld Applicator for Insertion of Tympanostomy Tubes
Lynne Lim (10 mins)

Procedural Sedation with Entonox for Foreign Body Removal: A Paediatric Case Series in an Australian Tertiary Centre
Eduardo Miguel Apellaniz Muzquiz (10 mins)

3:00pm - 3:30pm

Afternoon Tea and Exhibition

3:30pm - 5:00pm

Concurrent Session 4

Workforce and Training

Moderator: Paul Joice
Room: Denarau Island Convention Centre

Work-Based Assessments: A Practical Guide
Rachel Care (15 mins)

ENTrain Online Training Tool. Saving the Planet One Piece of Paper at a Time
Alice Stringer (10 mins)

ENT Info NZ: A Society Resource to Improve Patient Education and Communication
Johnny Wu (10 mins)

How Patient Management Systems Can Work to Help Manage Outreach / Rural Care
Sumit Samant (10 mins)

Training Registrars in Rural ENT
PJ Faumuina (15 mins)

Review of Uptake of Kaupapa Māori Research and Māori Equity in Surgical Trainee Selection
Calum Fisher (10 mins)

Panel Presentation (20 mins)
The Future of ENT in New Zealand

Concurrent Session 5

Research in Rhinology

Moderator: Larry Kalish
Room: Gardenia Ballroom

Emerging Research Themes in Rhinology
Rakesh Chandra (15 mins)

Poor Prognostic Factors When Biologic Treated CRS Patients Come to Surgery
Richard Harvey (15 mins)

Panel Presentation (60 mins)

What Research - Based Techniques or Therapies I No Longer Practice and Why – From The Experts

Wytske Fokkens
Dana Crosby
Benjamin Bleier
Raymond Sacks
Simon Carney
Alkis Psaltis

Concurrent Session 6

Paediatric Head and Neck

Moderator: Julie Agnew and Graeme Van Der Meer
Room: Orchid Ballroom

Vascular and Aesthetic Lasers in Pediatric Otolaryngology
Gresham Richter (20 mins)

Surgical Fires
Soham Roy (10 mins)

Head and Neck Tumours with Free Flaps in Children
Steven Goudy (10 mins)

Paediatric Thyroid Guidelines – An Update
Liane Johnson (10 mins)

Midline Neck Lumps
Haytham Kubba (10 mins)

Management of Paediatric Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria Cervicofacial Lymphadenitis (NMCL): An Australasian Survey
Sheneen Meghji (10 mins)

Paediatric Asymmetric Tonsillectomy: What is the Yield?
Alina Rankin (10 mins)

5:00pm - 6:00pm


Room: Gardenia Ballroom


Room: Orchid Ballroom


13-16 August 2023
The Denarau Convention Center, Fiji

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